Our Story

Jatoia Potts is a grieving mother and an activist in Durham, North Carolina. After being falsely accused of child abuse, she spent over eight months in the Durham County jail on an unattainable bond, losing her job, apartment, car, possessions, and her children. She was able to get out of jail when the Durham bond schedule was reformed in 2019, and she was eventually exonerated. All charges against her were dismissed. She is inspired to keep fighting by all the many Black moms going through involuntary family separation. She is the justice-impacted member of the Durham Safety and Wellness Task Force, a Justice League Fellow with Emancipate NC, and the founder of Thrive Tribe NC.

Our logo is a heart, but it has so many pieces tied together to make the whole. Family is lineage. Family is love. Family can also be complicated. Thrive Tribe provides the needs and means to keep it together and keep it rooted in love.